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About Bruce

Who is Bruce?


Bruce Hunt is the founder of Toronto Speakers Academy. He’s an inspirational speaker, public speaking trainer and public speaking coach dedicated to helping people enjoy greater confidence and connection in their public speaking. He is the current President of the 62 year old Downtown Toronto Toastmasters Club and founder of the 700 member strong Ignite Your Inner Speaker Meetup Group.

Fear to Career

big leapAn adventurer at heart, Bruce has jumped from planes and dove into shark-infested waters in search of cool and unique experiences to fuel his personal growth. But his ultimate personal growth began when he decided to face his fear of public speaking. That decision led him from public speaking fear to a public speaking career helping others beat their fears and excel in their public speaking as well.

bruce elaine shark pic

Cats, Sharks, Yoga

Bruce lives in downtown Toronto with his wife and their rescued cats. He has a passion for nature and is an avid scuba diver who loves to speak about his experiences shark diving while advocating for greater levels of shark preservation and protection. He’s also a daily YouTube Yogi thanks to the daily Mark Gonzales Power Yoga Session he does off Youtube. Bruce believes that the key to a great life is finding things you enjoy doing and then giving your all!

Breakthrough with Bruce

Bruce Action Shot 3 ResizedBruce teaches timeless communication techniques in an ahead-of-the-times kind of way. His innovative approach to helping people find their public speaking confidence flows from his belief that learning public speaking should be an enjoyable experience. In a relaxed and positive atmosphere Bruce’s public speaking workshops and coaching sessions help transform you into the fearles and awesome speaker you deserve to be. Your breakthrough awaits!

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