Toronto public speaking workshops and public speaking coaching that you'll enjoy!

Accelerate Your Speaking

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New to Public Speaking?

Need to gain confidence fast?

Want to learn new skills?

Chop months or even years off your learning curve in this fun and fast paced workshop. You don’t have to wait to be great!

You’ll learn how to:

  • enhance your “stage” presence – body language, gestures and movement
  • boost your confidence and calm your nerves before you speak
  • build presentations that grab attention and get the results you want
  • craft openings that motivate attention, and closes that motivate action
  • engage your audience with questions, polls, and participation
  • connect and be remembered through the power of stories
  • add entertainment value with humour
  • use your voice more dynamically

You’ll get:

  • a small group format ensuring lots of personalized attention
  • the comprehensive “Inspire Your Speaking” workbook
  • lots of valuable coaching and friendly feedback from Bruce
  • a video of your in class speaking the will accelerate improvement
  • certificate of workshop completion

Investment: $ 199.97


Saturday, JULY, 16th 2016

10:00 am till 4:00 pm

Location: Centre for Social Innovation. 585 Dundas Street E