Toronto public speaking workshops and public speaking coaching that you'll enjoy!

Accelerate Your Speaking


New to Public Speaking?

Need to gain confidence fast?

Want personalized coaching?

If learning public speaking in a class room setting isn’t your style then Accelerate Your Speaking could be perfect for you.


learning packed 60 minute sessions.

 Over 5 Sessions I’ll help you:

  • Set speaking goals that motivate and inspire you.
  • Begin to build your ideal speaking style.
  • Learn a super easy formula for creating speeches and presentations.
  • Enhance your body language and personal presence.
  • Build content and speaking material.
  • Make a more lasting and positive impression.
  • and MUCH MORE.


  • Professional and friendly coaching.
  • Learn from an experienced speaker.
  • Personalized feedback so can you improve faster.
  • More speaking confidence in less time.
  • Flexible appointment times.
  • An excellent compliment for Toastmaster memberships.
  • and MANY MORE

Investment: $ 450.00 ($800.00 Value)

BONUS Ignite Your Inner Speaker Class with Accelerate ($40 Value)

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FAQs about Accelerate

How do I know if ACCELERATE is right for me?

Accelerate is perfect for you if you need to learn quickly or if your busy schedule demands appointment flexibility. People with a fear of public speaking will also benefit from the personalized attention.

What can I expect from Accelerate sessions?

Using my forthcoming book as a guide I’ll teach you the fundamentals of good public speaking. Each session will involve some theory, exercises, and a lot of personalized feedback and coaching.

Where does coaching take place?

Sessions take place at my office at 585 Dundas Street E. If you’re situated in the downtown core and would prefer to have me come to you that can be arranged as well.