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Accelerate Your Speaking


Bruce’s Message:

No one ever asks for my lifetime public speaking program. People want results fast. That inspired me to create a public speaking workshop that could help people learn and improve faster. The result is the fun and fast paced “Accelerate Your Speaking” in which I share tips and tricks to help you engage and influence any audience you need to.

In ‘Accelerate Your Speaking’ you’ll LEARN how to:

  • enhance your “stage” presence: body language, gestures and movementScreenshot 2015-12-06 17.42.23
  • calm nerves and boost your confidence before you speak
  • build presentations that grab attention and get results
  • craft openings to motivate attention, and closes to motivate action
  • engage your audience with questions, polls, and participation
  • connect and be remembered through the power of stories
  • add entertainment value with humour

Available Formats: 1-2-4-6 hour

Meet Your Trainer: Bruce Hunt

Bruce is a Public Speaking Trainer, Yoga Enthusiast and Shark Diver. He conquered public speaking fear and in the process found his life’s calling. Now he devotes his life to helping people and organizations become the more confident and authentic leaders and communicators that the world needs more of. His 15 plus years of public speaking experience combined with his engaging and entertaining style make Bruce the perfect partner for learning to accelerate your speaking.