Toronto public speaking workshops and public speaking coaching that you'll enjoy!

Private in Person

Bruce’s Message

Every client I coach has different needs and goals. Some have a big talk or presentation that they need help perfecting. Others want to reduce the nervousness and anxiety that’s limiting their potential. And others simply want a head start in learning how to communicate to audiences more effectively. Below are some ways I can help you get you get to the next level of your speaking ability.

success sign resized 200 x 130Talks and Presentations

  • adapt a presentation to a specific audience
  • improve your presentation’s structure
  • finesse the wording and phrasing
  • add impact to your open and close
  • build the persuasive value
  • craft memorable stories and examples
  • find the humour in your talk
  • connect better with your audience
  • rehearse for better confidence and comfort
  • increase the engagement factor
  • select and manage visual aides
  • spike your like-ability
  • make you more memorable

Overcome Public Speaking Fear

  • share the strategies I used to break the grip of speaking fear
  • teach you some essential speaking skills that really help
  • share effective confidence enhancement techniques
  • offer you support and guidance on your public speaking journey
  • be a friend along your path to public speaking victory 🙂

Accelerate Your Speaking

  • help you get the strongest possible start
  • lead you through your own private public speaking workout
  • incrementally teach you what I’ve learned over my 15 years of public speaking.